Webinars, podcasts, and videos featuring members of the Bit Discovery team.

Featured Webinars

Webinar: It’s a NaN-Issue with Robert Hansen & Zach Jones

DEC 28th, 2021

The Unknown Unknowns: Tuning AppSec Programs with Attack Surface Intel with Jeremiah Grossman

NOV 11th, 2021

Podcast: Security in the Fast Lane Vol. 4, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

September 4th, 2021

Past webinars

Video: H4UNT3D HACKER Podcast, featuring Robert Hansen

AUG 31st, 2021

Webinar: Guaranteed Peace of Mind From Credential Stuffing Attacks, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

JULY 27th, 2021

Podcast: CISO Stressed, featuring Robert Hansen

JULY 19th, 2021

Podcast: Down the Security Rabbit Hole, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

MAY 19th, 2021

Podcast: Product Talk podcast, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

APR 28th, 2021

Podcast: Inside Security's CISO Corner, featuring Robert Hansen

FEB 8th, 2021

Podcast: InfoSec & OSINT Show, featuring Robert Hansen

FEB 4th, 2021

Webinar: How to Determine Your Attack Surface in the Healthcare Sector, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

JAN 14th, 2021

Open Security Summit AMA (AskMeAnything), featuring Jeremiah Grossman

JAN 13th, 2021

Privacy Please Podcast, featuring Jeremiah Grossman (part 1)

NOV 25th, 2020

Privacy Please Podcast, featuring Robert Hansen (part 2)

DEC 2nd, 2020

Webinar: Arkose Labs Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit, featuring Jeremiah Grossman

NOV 10th, 2020